Strategy Management Software

Get everybody on the same page…

i-nexus helps you map, communicate and deploy strategic goals. The key capabilities of i-nexus in this area include:

  • Dynamic Strategy Maps. i-nexus enables you to create strategy maps and to use those maps as the basis of the goal cascade/ performance roll-up. Scorecards can then be directly created from the strategy maps.
  • Hoshin X-Matrices. Hoshin X-matrices are increasingly becoming the de facto approach to effective strategy deployment.  i-nexus makes it easy to use the Hoshin X-matrix as the basis for defining and implementing your goal cascade, rotating X-matrices at will in order to drill down to identify performance and initiatives being undertaken to achieve goals. In addition, customers are able to manage multiple versions in order to facilitate strategy planning and course corrections.  
  • Integrated Budgeting. i-nexus enables you to ensure the financial plan is aligned with the Hoshin plan. With i-nexus you’re able to review ‘stratex’ expenditure, set baselines and link to programs.