Hoshin Planning Software and Goal Deployment Software

One software solution to support your Strategy Execution.

i-nexus software supports Hoshin Kanri activities in complex organizations. We work successfully with customers at different stages of maturity in Hoshin Planning. Those customers that are new to Hoshin often use simple objective planning tables to support their breakthrough objectives and alignment of these to projects. More mature customers may use the Hoshin X matrix, A3’s and fully fledged catchball to gain the most benefit from the Hoshin process. The key capabilities of i-nexus in this area include:

  • Dynamic Hoshin Strategy Maps. i-nexus enables you to make your own choices on how best to support your Hoshin Planning processes given your maturity level as an organization with regards Strategy Execution. You can create strategy maps and to use those maps as the basis of the goal cascade/ performance roll-up. Scorecards can then be directly created from the strategy maps.
  • Hoshin X-Matrices. Hoshin X-matrices are increasingly becoming the de facto approach to effective goal deployment.  i-nexus makes it easy to use the Hoshin X-matrix as the basis for defining and implementing your goal cascade, rotating X-matrices at will in order to drill down to identify performance and initiatives being undertaken to achieve goals. In addition, customers are able to manage multiple versions in order to facilitate strategy execution and course corrections.  
  • Support for the entire Hoshin process. Most experts identify 6 or 7 stages in a classic Hoshin Kanri approach. i-nexus supports customers at all stages including the key review stages. Robust reporting and analytics from the Hoshin Planning Software help to provide the insights and visibility required for effective strategy execution.
  • Customers value the visibility, transparency and accountability added to their goal deployment processes through the use of i-nexus software. Check out some customers comments or complete the “I’d Like to Know More” form on the bottom right to start to explore best practice in Hoshin Planning software.