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Continuous improvement: how to take charge of chaos

Published 1 year ago

Continuous improvement leaders are familiar with the constant threats to success, but sometimes it's easy to miss the biggest threat of them all, spreadsheets and lacklustre tools, as James Milsom explores.

It’s no surprise that continuous improvement leaders face challenges on a daily basis. But what’s alarming is that one of the biggest threats to your success is so familiar, it can slip right under your radar. Perhaps comfort has earned a suite of clunky spreadsheets such a safe role in strategy execution. They’re a traditional and seemingly cost-effective approach in a sea of data.

But the truth is that these scattered spreadsheets are at best a burden and, at worst, a serious threat to the success of any continuous improvement program. In fact, the problems they can present cause real damage by: 

1. Draining Resources 

Spreadsheets demand huge amounts of administration. That’s valuable time and effort wasted on manually chasing, updating and manipulating data. 

2. Multiplying

Spreadsheets have a tendency to reproduce at an alarming rate. Ever-increasing new versions lead to widespread confusion.

3. Dating 

Out of date information misleads management to make bad decisions based on irrelevant foundations.

The result? Squandered resources, project delays and sporadic reporting. Programs frequently reach the point of no return, when it’s too late to intervene and failure is inevitable. But there is a solution. i-nexus continuous improvement solution will take all the heavy lifting out of managing improvement projects. 

You can set up your own personal view and invite others to contribute to your projects. With all project documentation, financials, risks, resources and metrics in one place, you have all the current information you need to stay on top of your projects. 

With i-nexus you can: see your improvement programs in one, single system; link improvement programs to strategic goals; create accountability and responsibility for actions; and eliminate pointless activity. And with personalized reporting, you can save hours—even days—lost to management preparing presentations. Simply setting up an automated reporting cadence will ensure that all your stakeholders get the information they need, right when they need it.

Find out more about our continuous improvement solution or ask for a personalized demo.

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