Performance management

How i-nexus provides transparency on strategy execution and facilitates management by exception

Published 4 months ago

In this video, we'll be looking at the i-nexus performance management capabilities and how its functionality and features can provide transparency on your strategy execution processes and facilitate management by exception

As a SaaS strategy execution software, you only need a web browser to access the software. Additionally, i-nexus navigation is role based, meaning each user has a personalized view which allows them to stay focused on the goals/metrics/projects that matter to them as well as understand how their efforts contribute to the overall plan. Finally, i-nexus interface is similar to Excel, meaning you can manipulate data by simply clicking the associated table cell.

Having defined, deployed strategy and communicated your strategy, one way to follow up on that strategy and to review your performance is with the i-nexus Performance Management Dashboard. The i-nexus Performance Management Dashboard tracks the impact of KPIs that measure the achievement of strategic objectives. It gives you an up-to-date, real-time representation of the target vs actual performance on a month-by-month basis. Watch this view overview of how i-nexus provide transparency on strategy execution processes and helps to manage by exception.

i-nexus integrates goal management, initiatives, programs and metrics into one intuitive system making it easy for you to manage your full strategy execution management cycle. If you would like to learn more about i-nexus strategy execution capabilities, visit the i-nexus strategy execution software page

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