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Strategy execution: why global giants are turning to tech

Published 8 months ago

Whether it’s organisations just setting off on their policy deployment journey, or companies looking to transform their existing efforts, all the Global 5000 customers that approach i-nexus are seeking a common goal—to adopt software as the beating heart of their strategy execution. 

This is a growing trend. Why? Because software is rightfully earning a reputation for making those who adopt it more successful at strategy execution than those reliant on the clunky manual methods of old. 

Less is more

All organisations can improve their successful by limiting the number of objectives they have to focus on to meet their goals. More often than not, the process of prioritising will benefit from the support of a lean facilitator; someone who can help leaders to develop objectives. 

Whether these facilitators are in-house or consultants, we’ve found that working alongside them brings the focus of a fresh pair of eyes, so activities can be refined to those vital in meeting the vision.A lean facilitator can then eliminate administrative burdens from management by using a software solution to capture objectives, KPIs, progress and actions centrally and in an intuitive, structured interface. 

Winning commitment

Policy deployment demands the commitment of the entire organisation. By starting with the basics and aligning high-impact objectives to one business unit, the focus and responsibility will bring inspiring results. The success of this unit can be presented as a shining example and the motivation for a mass adoption of the program.

Then, using a software solution makes it simple and easy to review and understand the goals as they cascade down, by aligning metrics and actions to individuals and teams while providing full transparency of ownership at all levels.

Embracing change

When strategy deployment becomes all about focus, it’s the time when stakeholders across the entire organisation begin to realise that meeting breakthrough goals might require a change in established practices. Sometimes culture change can be met with resistance and management will need tenacity to ensure that everybody stays focused towards the same goals. 

A software solution enforces reporting review cycles through system-driven email alerts and notifications, stimulating social connection and behavioural change, and ensuring commitment to KPIs.

Furthermore, software can standardise of the reporting and presentation format across the whole organisation, eliminating the ad hoc reports of old. It enables an improvement of mind-set during management review meetings and allows the team to look forward, not just backward, on a regular basis. Once in place, relevant stakeholders can access the insight they need to ask the right questions and find the appropriate answers either individually, or in a collaborative manner.


All companies can improve their strategy execution what we refer to as ‘root cause corrective actions’. Before adopting a software solution, our clients faced huge challenges in understanding the reason for a dip in performance. Some struggled to understand what their teams were doing to correct it and whether they needed executive-level support before it was too late.

A software solution gives you the power to continually test the original hypothesis and act quickly when assumptions at the outset prove to be wrong.

Policy deployment has become increasing significant in enabling Global 5000 organizations achieve headline goals alongside their day-to-day functions.

In the past decade consultancy services—particularly lean facilitators - have played an increasingly prominent role in helping organizations focus on the right breakthrough objectives and ensuring their vision is cascaded and implemented across the organisation.

By working with a range of global corporations and leading consultancy firms, we’ve been able to address many of the challenges of policy deployment by creating a SaaS solution for strategy execution including policy deployment.

i-nexus is singularly unique in giving companies the power to manage the entire policy deployment process. Our software delivers the single source of truth that empowers your company to succeed where others fail. 

Find out more about our strategy execution software or ask for a personalized demo.

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