Business performance management software

Focus the strategic discussion on results

Business Performance Management Software

Beyond measuring business performance

It's results that matter and with i-nexus business performance management, real-time reports let you continuously track progress against strategic goals using metrics. And by combining actual results against targets, areas of underperformance are identified early allowing rapid course correction.

Such feedback loop is critical to operational improvement and strategy deployment, serving not just to measure progress but also validate direction and planning assumptions.

With i-nexus, don't just measure performance but continuously improve it.

Metric management

Create key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success against strategic goals. Track actual KPI performance against targets to keep execution on track. Enable early intervention as challenges arise. Automatically generate performance reports for review.

i-nexus Performance Management Software - Metric Management

Manage by exception using Bowling Charts

Root Cause Analysis

Quickly determine root cause and identify corrective action

Root cause analysis

Analyze underperformance of key metrics to quickly evaluate causal factors. Determine root cause and implement rapid corrective action to bring performance back on track.

Benefit realization

Collect and consolidate benefits realized from strategic initiatives, driving accountability for results. Analyze benefits to validate progress toward strategic intent.

Performance Management Software - Benefit Realization

Quantify and report realized benefits

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