Customer Success Program

Your success equals our success

Customer Success Program

Philosophy and Approach

More than a software solution

i-nexus has the power to effect real change in your organisation, drive visibility, focus management effort, and build execution capability.

Our Professional Services & Customer Success teams have built up experience over many years and have the blend of process and system thinking to help you succeed. Our patient, agile approach will give you room to make business decisions whilst maintaining focus on delivery and business value. We understand what it takes to ensure not just a successful launch, but long term value and continuous improvement.

i-nexus Costomer Journey to Strategy Execution Excellence

Five keys to Successful Deployment and Adoption

Key steps to successful deployment and adoption of strategy execution system

1. Start Simple

Keep the system simple for users, and minimise the effort they need to invest to adopt the system. This will drive good data entry

2. Focus on Reporting (Begin with the End in Mind)

What information do you need out of the system to empower management to make good business decisions? Work back from here

3. Know your Business Processes

A Good software deployment is only as good as the processes it supports. Understand your “as is” and “to be” processes

4. Strong Leadership & Decision Making

Ensure the project team can make quick decisions and are empowered to lead

5. Don’t Neglect Cultural Impact

Visibility and Transparency can be uncomfortable to managers. It is critical to manage change impact well to ensure strong buy-in

Clarifying the path to Execution Excellence

Our experience has enabled us to map out the maturity pathway to Execution Excellence. Using our Execution Readiness Assessment, we help customers to:

  1. Determine their starting point
  2. Decide next steps, including change management considerations
  3. Meet relevant experts
  4. Configure i-nexus to best meet your current needs
  5. Build a medium term plan to achieve execution excellence

Customer Success

In today’s subscription economy only your success can guarantee our success. Customer success is built into what you receive from us. It’s vital to ensure you achieve maximum business value from i-nexus through application of best practices and understand how best to manage the “moments of truth” in the journey. In this way, you can incrementally improve your Execution Capability.


  • Execution Readiness Assessment – prior to contracting
  • Application of successful deployment principles
  • On site health checks – ensuring you maximise on your investment in i-nexus
  • On site clinics
  • New feature webinars
  • Training sessions
  • User groups
  • Access to our communities

Alcon about i-nexus Customer success program

April Young
Director Operational Excellence, Alcon
Thank you so much for a productive Discovery Workshop this week! You both did a great job facilitating and keeping us on track, and I really appreciate your flexibility to stay with us through Thursday to finish. The team is really excited about the functionality of i-nexus and how it is going to help simplify our processes considerably.

Pfizer about i-nexus Customer success program

Mona Babury
Supply Chain Capability, Pfizer
I truly appreciate this team and all of the work they have completed to date and what we are working on together to enhance and simplify what we have in place today for Market Transformation.