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secure trust bank group

We benefit from efficient reporting which provides consistent business information across the Group

Nikki Tyler
Head of Change

Central Tracking and Visibility System for Projects and Programs

In order to ensure the successful delivery of the corporate strategy Secure Trust Bank Group (STBG) has put a large amount of resource and emphasis on ensuring that it has an infrastructure in place which can support its ambitions for both its existing businesses and future growth.


The rapid growth of STBG highlighted the need for a standardised system of working which would allow central governance tracking and visibility across the organisation. An opportunity was also identified to improve the consistency, quality and accessibility of business information which would also have the added benefit of reducing administrative overheads by rationalising the processes
for collating, managing and reporting on a variety of information sources.


i-nexus Project & Program Management solution which includes project tracking, financial monitoring, weekly and monthly reporting.


Company Details

Secure Trust Bank Group (STBG) is a well-established financial services organisation with a range of financial product offerings in retail and commercial banking. Over recent years STBG has
enjoyed a period of rapid expansion resulting from organic growth and acquisition and the focus on strong lending growth remains a key strategic aim for the Group moving forwards.

Key Points


  • Single version of the truth by ensuring
    all projects, programmes and process
    improvements can be run in one
  • Standardised automated quality reporting
    to support sound decision making.
    Real time information and reporting
    Reduced administrative cost and
    resources by improving efficiency to
    sustain process for the change
    team/change agents;
  • Improved ability to identify where
    changes could be aggregated into a
    project or programme which means
    that resources and effort can be
    managed effectively;
  • Moved away from manual sign off to
    electronic sign off (workflow approval)
    to facilitate and accelerate the process
    across the UK.
Software/Solution Used

i-nexus Project & Program Management