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i-nexus provides the accurate and efficient solution for the capture, management, tracking and reporting

Heribert Braun
LSS Project Management

German Insurance group leverages business improvement benefits

As the holding company for the German Group, Generali Deutschland Holding AG has responsibility for increasing the quality and efficiency of business processes. This is managed by the Process Optimization team through a program called AGIL. AGIL (Advanced Generali Improvement Levers) is a Lean Six Sigma Program encompassing elements of Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management methodologies.


Prior to the introduction of i-nexus, all AGIL projects were being controlled by spreadsheets and tracking a large number of AGIL projects in this way was inefficient for Generali Deutschland due to the need for:

  • Real time information and data certainty;
  • Automated reporting;
  • Reduction in non-value add activities.

i-nexus provided the accurate and efficient solution for the capture, management, tracking and reporting of both quantitative and qualitative metrics to provide the necessary management and reporting of operational excellence projects.


Generali Deutschland introduced i-nexus Strategy Execution software as a new way of controlling AGIL projects. These improvement projects incorporate three methodologies:

  • SMAIL enables AGIL process owners by scoping the process, measuring the size of the problem, analyzing its cause, improving through identified actions and leveraging the solution for best practice;
  • OM – Organisational Management;
  • DFSS – Design for Six Sigma.

For Generali Deutschland, SMAIL is the integration of Lean Six Sigma and Change Management and enables the Operational Excellence project to progress from selection to delivery.

Since the introduction of i-nexus, Generali Deutschland can:

  • Manage the tracking of process improvement projects;
  • Increase transparency on group-wide project portfolio;
  • Deliver reports with drill down capabilities at any level of the organisation;
  • Recognize the financial value for cost reductions and leverage across the group;
  • Facilitate regular progress and financial reviews.


The AGIL project in itself delivers many benefits to the business units and ensures the capture of project ideas, efficient execution of those projects along with the ability to track progress with real time data.

The use of i-nexus enables Generali Deutschland Holding AG to transfer best practice and speed up the benefit delivery to group companies.

Being web based and on demand i-nexus makes a big impact by delivering real time data, visibility and accountability along with easier and quicker access to the AGIL project data and results.

Company Details

Industry: Insurance

Generali Deutschland Holding AG is a German holding company consisting of about 20 insurance companies. It is the second largest insurance company in Germany and has its headquarters in Cologne

Generali Deutschland has approx. 140 AGIL Executives and more than 200 AGIL Experts, who manage process improvement projects for all business units of the German Group

Key Points
  • Effective tracking and management of process improvement projects
  • Increased transparency on group-wide project portfolio
  • Delivery of reports with drill down capabilities at any level of the organisation
  • Visibility on the financial value for cost reductions and leveraging across the group
  • Real time information and data certainty
  • Automated reporting
  • Reduction in non-value add activities
Software/Solution Used

Operation excellence solution

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