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The only solution that enables the right management behaviours. i-nexus helped us build the strategy up

Kit Jackson
Strategy Management

Overcoming existing siloes to work together as one organization

Kit Jackson – Group Director of Strategy Management Rexam – 2010, saw a new CEO, new strategy together with stretch targets committed to the market. The CEO needed a mechanism to deploy the strategy and the Balanced Scorecard was chosen as the primarily vehicle.

Challenges included overcoming existing siloes to work together as one organization as well as building consensus on the way forward. i-nexus has assisted in driving accountability and alignment to support quality conversations across the business and was identified as the only software capable of supporting this. Kit Jackson describes i-nexus as a forward looking solution.

Company Details

Industry: Consumer packaging

Locations: Asia, Europe, North America and South America

Key Points
  • A comprehensive process to bring people together
  • The only solution that builds the context of the entire corporate strategy
  • Supports the right management behavior
  • Enables a close focus on strategic issues
Software/Solution Used

Operation excellence solution

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