Enterprise Performance Management software

Not only measuring but improving performance

Enterprise Performance Management software

Complete Enterprise Performance Management solution

i-nexus Enterprise Performance Management software is a SaaS application that closes the loop between business objectives with KPIs and projects (actions) to deliver them. You can drive predictable performance, report with confidence and align every employee with your objectives. Finally you can shift the emphasis from measuring performance to improving it!

i-nexus Enterprise Performance Management-software

Shift focus from measuring to improving performance

Focus your discussion on the consequences of information, not information itself

Performance Management Software - Project Benefit Delivery Report

Cut time to effective decisions

Make it easier to understand the root cause analysis of underperformance with the data collection and analysis system

Early intervention system

Alerts and notifications, real-time feedback via roll-up of performance projects and metrics

Keep execution on track

Collaborative environment for metric owners to discuss performance, communicate decisions and address gaps

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Takeda GmbH
Plant Director, Takeda Austria
“The introduction of i-nexus enabled us to drive project delivery and execution of the Takeda Strategy. Not only do we have more visibility of KPI performance across the organization, but our local projects – particularly those relating to Idea Management – are now more structured with bespoke templates for managing the internal process”

Reduce Non-value added efforts generating management reports

No more isolated spreadsheets and/or other Office apps – all your data is in one place, in real time

Enterprise Performance Management Software - Metric Details report

Reduce admin cost

Automation of data collection, KPI calculations, reduced data reconciliation and validation

Get those hours back

Automated personalized reporting in a format you want. No copying and pasting, reformatting and refactoring

Make meaninful information available

Automated reminders to data providers, automated data extraction from 3rd party systems and automated alerts

Capture and communicate strategic objectives

Easily capture, visualize and review the flow-down of objectives and link them to KPIs

EPM software - Strategy Cascade

Make complex easy

Cascade your objectives down to actions connected to KPIs at any point

Create “Golden thread”

Align individual performance, projects and process execution with organization’s objectives

Translate your Strategy Maps

Translate your Strategy Maps directly into multi-level scorecards and dashboards

Why i-nexus Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

  • Latest generation Integrated solution with a simplicity of SaaS
  • Designed to improve performance not only measure it
  • Links KPIs to strategic objectives at any point of your goal cascade
  • Incorporates Best Practice Improvement methodologies
  • Simplicity of Excel without drawbacks
  • Creates Single version of the truth

What i-nexus EPM does

  • Helps improve organizational performance
  • Focuses management time on the things that need fixing – “Management by Exception”
  • Rolls up performance to show how individual Business Units, scrorecards, etc. are performing
  • Reduces admin effort involved in gathering and reporting data
  • Speeds up decision making process
  • Cascades and communicates strategic objectives down the organization
  • Links KPIs to objectives at any level
  • Aligns everyone in the achievement of strategic objectives

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