Why it's time to care about your strategy execution [BTOES 2019 keynote]

An insightful, engaging and interactive best-practice keynote hosted at BTOES 2019, Orlando FL, 18-22 March 2019

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Want to out-execute your competitors? Finding your company too sluggish to adapt to its environment? Searching for help on the near horizon? We’re here for you at BTOES 2019, Orlando, FL

Join our keynote as we explore the facts behind why 2019 is the year to master strategy execution, the tools to achieve your goals and how lean methodologies will make your business infinitely more competitive, whatever the environment.

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What you’ll learn about the importance of strategy execution

Insightful, engaging and actionable - that's how delegates describe our keynotes. By attending our keynote you'll learn:

  • Why in 2019 strategy execution should be your #1 focus
  • The strategy execution principles, methodologies and tools that the best companies are using to out-execute their rivals
  • How to create a competitive advantage by executing on your vision
  • How successful companies rapidly respond and adapt to changes which threaten their business

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About the host

Carolyn Gibson

Carolyn Gibson

Strategy Execution Expert

Packing an impressive 20+ years experience as an operational excellence practitioner, Carolyn gets to the heart of your strategy.

Carolyn’s early career was formed in Deloitte’s Programme Leadership Group, where she worked with leading manufacturing companies on compliance issues, with utility companies during industry transformation, and with local, national and international public sector organisations facing up to the digital transformation.

More recently, as a certified Hoshin trainer and P3O practitioner, Carolyn has developed a passion for the value of strategy execution to manage and deliver change.

Carolyn’s role within i-nexus is to advise client senior executives on the establishment of appropriate strategy execution capabilities that align goals, programs and KPIs. Recent clients include Pratt & Whitney, Axalta, Société Générale, Transat, Eroski and Westinghouse...