Strategy Execution briefing

Understanding the value of a Strategy Execution platform

Who are they for?

Our free ½ day workshops are designed for senior business professionals, including global CXO teams and senior strategy leaders, who are seeking a technology solution to transform continuous improvement and long-term strategy deployment.

These best-practice workshops are designed to show how a strategy execution technology platform will allow an executive team to:

  • Distill their full strategic plan into all its actionable, constituent components;
  • Cascade the actions to the thousands of people & locations worldwide
  • Provide a mobile-first solution allowing real-time tracking and risk mitigation
  • Ensure alignment from the strategy to the field
  • Act as the real-time strategy execution cockpit to monitor progress and KPIs
  • Provide clarity on how a Strategy Execution platform can be deployed in 3-months

Event agenda

Strategy Execution workshop

9.00am - Breakfast & Networking

Why do I need a Strategy Execution platform?
An overview of the Strategy Execution challenges, trends and opportunities as well as a brief overview of the technology tools that leading global organisations utilise. If as a leadership team you are already investing in people and process to deploy strategy, this will give you a great opportunity to explore how to optimise and accelerate.

What to expect:

• Welcome, introduction to i-nexus and what is a Strategy Execution platform?
• Challenges with executing strategy and trends in Strategy Execution software
• Assessing your Strategy Execution maturity and the case for a software solution

In-depth exploration of a Strategy Execution platform and demonstration
Provides an in-depth understanding of the best practice methodologies associated with strategy execution, common success criteria and hear about relevant case studies. Learn how to measure your organisation's maturity and the business case behind investing in a Strategy Execution solution. 

We'll cover:

• Common Strategy Execution methodologies and principles of Strategic Execution
• How to apply a Strategy Execution process
• The tool to assess your Strategy Execution maturity, and the case for a software solution
• Case studies: How two companies thrive using a Strategy Execution platform
• A brief demonstration of a Strategy Execution tool (i-nexus)

Venue locations

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Ellehammersvej 20, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

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Wednesday 18th Sept 2019, 9.00am

Copenhagen, DK

About the host

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i-nexus is the leading provider of cloud strategy execution solutions, helping global organizations turn strategy into reality. Global leaders turn to i-nexus to translate strategy into goals, goals into action, and action into results. With proven enterprise readiness and support for leading best practices such as Hoshin Kanri and Lean, our solutions for strategy deployment and continuous improvement enable large organizations to achieve more of their goals, faster and with less effort.