Goal management software

Define, cascade and communicate your strategic goals

Goal Management Software

Drive goal alignment, focus and action

So you've formulated your strategy. Now it's time to translate that strategy into goals, goals in action, and action into results.

Use i-nexus Goal Management software to capture and cascade clear goals at all levels of the organization, encouraging two-way dialog and feedback. Then use this insight to build a clear picture of the initiatives needed to deliver the key performance indicators that will measure results.

With i-nexus, organizations achieve strategic alignment, focusing resources where they're needed the most and ensuring everyone is aligned in direction and purpose.

Strategic alignment

Capture strategic vision and goals identifying connections and dependencies. Create alignment and focus by cascading goals through the organization, setting responsibilities and accountabilities. Define projects and actions to deliver goals. Capture key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and results.

i-nexus Goal Management Software - Strategic Alignment

Visualize your strategic goals with interactive X-Matrix views

Strategic Goals Cascade Software

Navigate your strategy cascade, from goals to action

Goal cascade

Analyze your strategic goal cascade from multiple angles: organizations, themes, functions, teams, individuals and more. Navigate a goal hierarchy from long-term, high-level goals to shorter-term objectives and their supporting initiatives.

Strategic discussion

Use a Catchball process to communicate strategic intent. Encourage two-way open dialog and negotiation around goals at all levels of the organization. Collect feedback to inform and refine goals for success.

Goal Management Software - Catchball

Use a Catchball process to encourage open discussion at all levels of the organization

Case study

Providing central tracking, visibility and structure for programs and projects

i-nexus provides unique capabilities of integrating strategy deployment, metrics and project/program management into one system. Following the successful Lean Projects implementation Berendsen expanded their use of i-nexus to support management of CAPEX programs, and is looking to integrate Strategy Deployment and linking their CI and CAPEX projects to strategy.

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Berendsen Case Study

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