Initiative management software

Proactively manage your initiative portfolio

Initiative Management Software

Execute initiatives with confidence

Take control of your strategic initiatives with i-nexus initiative management software and its comprehensive portfolio, program and project management capabilities. From planning a new initiative to real-time performance tracking, i-nexus will help you maintain and execute a balanced, optimized portfolio that's perfectly aligned with your strategic goals.

i-nexus is uniquely designed for today's Enterprise Program Management Office organization, helping to overcome the challenges of strategy execution and meet your strategic goals.

Simple/Just Do It Projects

Simple/Just Do it

Create quick and easy projects with a single click.

Light-touch/Agile Projects


Apply basic project controls while enabling agile teams to move fast.

Medium-touch/ Stage-Gate Projects

Medium-touch/Stage-Gate® Projects

Track projects with more comprehensive project management controls including criteria for progressing between phases.

Full-touch/Multi-Workstream Programs

Full-touch/Multi-Workstream Programs

Access the full enterprise-rate project management capabilities with a detailed schedule, work breakdown structure, workflow, document management, resource planning and more.

Idea management

Identify winning ideas from employees through employee ideation. Use i-nexus' idea management capabilities to capture, evaluate, rank and prioritize ideas based on strategic alignment, value, return on investment, and other selection criteria.

i-nexus Initiative Management Software - Idea Management

Table view of ideas, ranked and scored

Initiative Management Software - Program Management

Track your initiatives in real-time

Program/project management

Scope, plan, and manage projects of all sizes and complexity. Track programs and projects with real-time schedule, cost, resource and risk performance monitoring. Establish a PMO with standardized methodologies that scale. Maintain a project archive and reuse prior projects as templates.

Portfolio management

Maintain an optimal program and project portfolio, aligning investment with strategic goals and maximizing strategic and economic value. Ensure delivery success through effective resource planning, prioritizing initiatives based on strategic return and financial impact. Use i-nexus' real-time portfolio reporting and analysis - from portfolio to project - to identify underperforming projects requiring immediate course correction.

i-nexus Initiative Management Software - Portfolio Management

Maintain a balanced portfolio

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