Providing solid financial backing


i-nexus is backed by a combination of well-respected Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors

Logo image of Herald Ventures II, capital investment company

Herald Ventures II

Herald Investment Management Limited has funds under management totaling over $1 billion through several venture capital, investment trusts and managed asset funds. Herald specializes in funding early stage companies with high growth potential, requiring development capital in the technology, communications and media sectors. Herald manage the largest technology focused fund investing in unquoted companies in Europe.

Logo of Meridian Venture Partners, capital investment company

Meridian Venture Partners

Meridian Venture Partners invests later stage expansion capital in growth companies with big prospects. Its current investments are in the mobile, software, hardware and health services sectors.

Logo of Advantage Growth Fund, Midven

Advantage Growth Fund

Based in Birmingham, England, Midven manages a variety of funds, including the Advantage Growth Fund, which was launched in 2003. Investors include Barclays Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, the European Investment Fund, and several UK universities.

Logo of Bury Fitzwilliam-Lay & Partners LLP

Bury Fitzwilliam-Lay & Partners LLP

BFL&P is a UK based venture capital partnership focusing on technology and technology enabled companies. It primarily invests early stage and development capital, often alongside known and trusted co-investors, in deal sizes up to £5m. BFL&P brings to bear the wealth of expertise of its partners in managing companies through the difficult growth phase to maturity and/or exit.

Logo of Capital for Enterprise Fund

Capital for Enterprise Fund

The Capital for Enterprise Fund provides equity investments to growing, successful UK based and domiciled business. In addition to the UK government, investors in the fund include Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB and RBS Banks. The purpose of the fund is to provide investment for companies who have viable business models and growth potential in need of long term capital. The Fund is managed by Capital for Enterprise Ltd.