Global Recruitment Drive to Drive Innovation & Growth

Published 11 months ago
Global Recruitment Drive to Drive Innovation & Growth

Published: 11th July 2018

By: Alyson Levetti-nexus 
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Global Recruitment Drive to Drive Innovation & Growth

Coventry, England:  i-nexus Global plc (AIM: INX), a provider of cloud-based Strategy Execution software solutions for the Global 5000, is pleased to announce its plan to rapidly expand its workforce in Coventry and into North America to drive innovation, customer support and revenue growth. i-nexus is headquartered in Coventry, UK and is pleased to announce that 50x new technology jobs are to be created in the Coventry area within the next year. Meaning that i-nexus will drive employment growth and create opportunities for many in the West Midlands region of England.

“Our planned expansion will include a large number of software developers to join our innovative and award-winning software development team; as well as skilled professionals across customer success, finance, HR, marketing and sales.  It is an exciting time to be leading such an innovation software company as we drive global growth for our Strategy Execution software” Simon Crowther, CEO.

All growth and recruitment plans were developed during the pre-IPO phase and these plans are now being activated to rapidly search for skilled candidates.  New roles are now being listed on employment websites as well as local and internal recruitment firms being briefed, with new joiners expected to commence within weeks. 

About the i-nexus group: i-nexus supports some of the largest global companies in running, improving and changing their businesses through the provision of a scalable, enterprise-grade, cloud-based Continuous Improvement ("CI") and Strategy Execution ("SE") software platform. The platform is in use at global blue-chip businesses, predominantly based across the US and Europe, helping customers execute key strategic goals throughout all levels and divisions of their organisations.


The Group's software supports Hoshin Kanri, a strategy development methodology first introduced in the 1960s in Japan and born out of lean, six sigma and operational improvement theory. Hoshin Kanri (directly translated as "direction execution") is a systematic planning, implementation and review methodology which, when implemented, aims to ensure that the strategic goals of a company are properly communicated to all employees and that they drive progress and action at every level of the business.

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