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One software to help you select, prioritize, execute and track the benefits of your Operational Excellence projects

i-nexus Operational Excellence Software

i-nexus Operational Excellence software helps dramatically increase the return of your OpEx investment. It helps you align improvement projects with strategic objectives, track realization benefits, improve belt productivity and drive high levels of replication. With i-nexus you can finally connect Operational Excellence to the executive agenda.

With i-nexus you will:

  • Improve your ROI from Operational Excellence activities;
  • Increase the strategic value of your Operational Excellence program;
  • Increase the productivity of your Operational Excellence resources;
  • Support innovation and collaboration across the business.

Why i-nexus Operational Excellence Software

Designed specifically to improve operational excellence ROI

i-nexus significantly reduces project cycle time while improving project completion and success rates. Expert resources are freed from admin overhead and able to focus on coaching and support for replication.

Advanced benefit aggregation capabilities enable independent validation of benefits and the capture and consolidation of benefits in multiple currencies. This ensures that benefit realization reporting is accurate and creates increase accountability for benefit delivery.

Operational Excellence software ROI Scorecard
Operational Excellence software Bowling chart

Connects operational excellence to the executive agenda

i-nexus avoids the possibility of Operational Excellence programs and projects being implemented in isolation. The solution enables all Operational Excellence activities to be linked to specific strategic objectives. In doing so, the contribution of the capabilities developed in the Operational Excellence function and their support for the business strategy are clearly showcased.

Dramatically improves resource productivity and line involvement

Support for KPI scorecards makes it easy to use the system to run regular operational reviews that focus on continuous improvement of operational processes. Simple charting and analysis tools enable line management to take responsibility for continuous improvement.

Automated project reporting enables a substantial reduction in the non value added activities associated with planning and following up on project tasks, co-ordinating project approvals and reviews and producing project deliverables.

Operational Excellence software Project Progress report
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Powering strategy execution in the world's largest organizations

Organizations around the globe consistently achieve more of their strategic goals with i-nexus

Gets the balance right between 'effort in' and 'value out'

Gets the balance right between "effort in" and "value out"

i-nexus ensures that you only need to put just enough data in to get meaningful information out. It doesn’t make sense, for example, to model resource utilization on Operational Excellence projects at anything other than a rough cut level. This approach enables deployment leaders to rapidly spot under-utilized Lean Six Sigma trained resources and ensure that they have projects to work on, or to identify the resources that are likely to be struggling due to the number of projects they have been asked to get directly involved in supporting.

You can start simple and add sophistication only when and where you need it

You can start simple and add sophistication only when and where you need it

In addition to the more traditional Gantt Chart style interface for managing projects, i-nexus offers a spreadsheet style (quick project) interface for the tracking of simple or short duration actions. This, combined with the ability to import from MS Excel project lists, effectively enables you to rapidly build an inventory of your projects and update progress and benefits on those with spreadsheet style simplicity.

Additionally you can convert your quick projects at any time into any other type of project. This means you can choose to manage specific actions with a more detailed plan (including leveraging best practice methodology templates) and you can defer the decision about how a specific action should be managed until you better understand its scope, risk and complexity.

i-nexus comes with much more that just a great software

i-nexus comes with much more that just a great software

As well as coming with a set of pre-built methodologies with supporting deliverable templates e.g. the DMAIC Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, i-nexus software gives you access to Global Best Practice through membership of the Strategy Execution Consortium.

This is an active community of senior Operational Excellence, Strategy and Transformation executives from Global 5000 companies who are committed to on-going bench marking. Membership of the consortium group also provides exclusive access, via the Stratex Hub, to invaluable bench marking resources including best practice presentations from leading organizations that are shared only within the consortium community.

Build on your success with i-nexus Operational Excellence Software

The value you can expect from our solution

Improved productivity of operational excellence resources through...

  • Reducing the NVA time spent providing project progress reporting;
  • Reducing the NVA time spent on planning and following up on project tasks;
  • Reducing the NVA time spent coordinating project approvals/reviews;
  • Reducing the NVA time spent producing project deliverables.

Increased strategic value of operational excellence as a result of...

  • Improved alignment of initiatives with corporate strategic priorities;
  • Greater line management support for, and involvement in, Operational Excellence;
  • Improved governance of Operational Excellence initiatives;
  • Increased customer satisfaction through better alignment of improvement with operational priorities;
  • Reduced Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

Improved ROI in operational excellence by 50-100% achieved by...

  • Better selection of higher impact projects;
  • Reducing project cycle times;
  • Higher project completion and success rates;
  • Increasing the net benefits of each project idea/solution;
  • Increasing the number of projects completed in parallel by each expert resource.

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