Operational Excellence Software

One software to help you select, prioritise, execute and track the benefits of your Operational Excellence projects

Operational Excellence Software

i-nexus Operational Excellence software helps dramatically increase the return of your OpEx investment. It helps you align improvement projects with strategic objectives, track realization benefits, improve belt productivity and drive high levels of replication. With i-nexus you can finally connect Operational Excellence to the executive agenda.

With i-nexus you will:

  • Improve your ROI from Operational Excellence activities
  • Increase the strategic value of your Operational Excellence program
  • Increase the productivity of your Operational Excellence resources
  • Support innovation and collaboration across the business

Why i-nexus Operational Excellence

Build on your success with i-nexus Operational Excellence software

The value you can expect from our solution

Improved productivity of Operational Excellence resources through…

  • Reducing the NVA time spent providing project progress reporting
  • Reducing the NVA time spent on planning and following up on project tasks
  • Reducing the NVA time spent coordinating project approvals/reviews
  • Reducing the NVA time spent producing project deliverables

Increased Strategic value of Operational Excellence as a result of…

  • Improved alignment of initiatives with corporate strategic priorities
  • Greater line management support for, and involvement in, Operational Excellence
  • Improved governance of Operational Excellence initiatives
  • Increased customer satisfaction through better alignment of improvement with operational priorities
  • Reduced Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

Improved ROI in Operational Excellence by 50%-100% achieved by…

  • Better selection of higher impact projects
  • Reducing project cycle times
  • Higher project completion and success rates
  • Increasing the net benefits of each project idea/solution
  • Increasing the number of projects completed in parallel by each expert resource


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