Our Team

Our Team


We’re a privately held Enterprise SaaS company headquartered in Coventry – just north of London. Our software helps executives within large global companies located primarily in North America and the EU to deliver more of their commitments to key stakeholders as fast as possible

Founded in 2001, we have pioneered the category of Strategy Execution software and work with household names to maintain and improve their competitiveness. i-nexus is the only software available capable of supporting the full range of strategy execution processes in one integrated solution

The team

Meet the people behind i-nexus. Working in the heart of Coventry, we bring you a Strategy Execution SaaS solution that drives real-time business results by directly linking strategy to execution to result in greater insights and visibility into corporate assets and performance.

i-nexus Leaders

Profile image of Simon Crowther, Chief Operations Officer at i-nexus

Simon Crowther

Chief Executive Officer

Profile image of Paul Docherty, founder and managing director at i-nexus

Paul Docherty

Founder and CMO

Profile image of Alyson Levett, Chief Financial Officer at i-nexus

Alyson Levett

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming

Head of Professional Services

Brett Robinson Head of Customer Success i-nexus

Brett Robinson

Head of Customer Success

Profile picture of Ian Henderson, Head of Product Management at i-nexus

Ian Henderson

Head of Product Management

Investors and Advisors

Profile image of James Davies, i-nexus Non-Executive Director

James Davies

Non-Executive Chairman

Profile image of Richard Cunningham, Chairman at i-nexus

Richard Cunningham

Non-Executive Director

Profile image of Frand Bury, non-Executive Director at i-nexus

Frank Bury

Non-Executive Director

Profile image of Kevin Douglas, non-Executive Director at i-nexus

Kevin Douglas

Non-Executive Director