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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit

March 2018, Orlando, FL

About BTOES18

The future of OpEx is Speed & Impact.

The BTOES18 vision is for Operational Excellence to be viewed as a strategic weapon every CEO relishes.

Speed and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and effectively set up new products have always been a significant challenge for business operations. However, when new technologies and innovations accelerate, disrupting all traditional and growing industries and markets, these challenges rush to the center stage.

The expectation on Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence teams to simultaneously rapidly adapt their programs and still excel is paramount. Operational excellence offers immense, untapped opportunities for increased efficiency, lower costs and enhanced customer loyalty; which in turns the profitability and growth of the whole organization – essential in this competitive market.

However, the problem within many organizations is Operational Excellence is stagnating.  Often relegated to side-shows rather than being the strategic weapon every CEO relishes. OpEx programs are stuck at the operational level or incremental improvement level, and are measuring themselves in counts oftraining, certifications and projects launched.

These techniques measure activity. They do not measure progress.

The current emphasis for the profession needs to be on strategy, value creation and customer experience. This lack of substance and real continuous improvement strategy to harness the true power of OpEx at the top-line level is entirely symptomatic of an eco-system in need of progressive leadership.

This event is to help “nudge” the entire Operational Excellence profession onto this more productive path.

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit is designed especially for the Global leaders in Continuous Improvement, Business Transformation, and Operational Excellence. The summit provides you with in-depth guidance on all aspects of Digital and Business Transformation, Innovation, Change Management, Culture Change, Strategic Alignment, Lean Deployment, and Customer Experience Excellence.

No other event utilizes our unique blend of top-tier case-studies, panel discussions, speaker roundtables, technology test-drives and more, to gain valuable insights from your peers and global market leaders within all key industries.

Packed with incredible progressive leaders, content and networking opportunities, BTOES18 will show you that when Operational Excellence is applied effectively, it will help your organization hit far harder, and move far faster than the competition.

Key themes for BTOES18

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is one of the key themes at BTOES18. The Digital Revolution is making a major impact on most sectors, changing the retailers’ landscape, logistics, workplace and CRM. Business transformation is merging with new technologies. Technology and traditional operational excellence applications are co-influencing each other making finding the right balance between people and tools crucial for every organization.

In this track, gain a deep understanding of the current changes, and what they mean for your sector. Discover how to transform a new technology and balance it by simplifying and tailoring it to the specific requirements of your organization, as well as how to choose a technology that will bring real long term value to your business.

During the BTOES18 dedicated Digital Transformation track, we will be analyzing practical application and use of new tools and technologies. You will understand how current disruptive technologies can be leveraged across and implemented within different businesses and industries. Navigate through modern analytical tools and technologies, and learn about the latest software developments in automation, IoT and augmented reality and the latest trends in their applications.



In the fast changing and innovative business environment, the role of Leadership is becoming increasingly important.

During the Leadership track, we will analyze what the leader of the future should be like and how to choose the right stakeholders to lead the continuous change. We will look from the leadership view and learn how to ride the change coming from within, creating clear, well communicated and sustainable performance plan.

We will also see real life examples of changes being developed from the middle up to the board and unveil most effective techniques for inspiring leadership from within, and proven steps to securing management buy-in.


Culture Transformation

Culture: how critical is it? Be inspired and armed with ideas to lead significant culture change implementing end-to-end cultural changes across regions, businesses and functions – strategically following the maturity curve.

Discover the proven ways of ensuring cultural transformation in large enterprises: from changing organizational culture to leading organizational transformation towards the culture of innovation.

Share and benchmark best practices: is there a universal model? Understand how large companies can stand out and succeed employing a start-up mentality and culture internally. Become competent in creating an operational excellence culture from the Board to the front line, and sustain a culture of quality and performance excellence. Take your Culture Transformation from the individual level to an enterprise-wide Culture of OpEx.



We live in a time of incredible innovation. Innovative companies are the key influencers of  industries and markets, creating a new level-playing field for everyone involved.

In our Innovation Track, learn how disruption can be leveraged and how benefits can be accounted for, how innovation impacts pre-exiting practices and how to transform roles to reflect the change. Analyze all stages of the business innovation journey and transform your innovation creation processes by learning, understanding, and applying lean product development principles.

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When: 12-16 March 2018

Where: Orlando, FL

Discount Code: INEXUS100

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6 reasons to attend

  • The only Business Transformation & Operational Excellence event that looks at the End to End Transformation 
  • 60+ fresh, cutting-edge speakers
  • Get the chance to directly engage with these Global Continuous Improvement Leaders
  • Network with your operational excellence and business transformation peers facing the same challenges as you are
  • Look for new business solutions when you choose to – with a guarantee of no sales pitches in the agenda
  • Go back to your office with new, practical, customized ideas from leading experts

Who should attend

  • CEOs, COOs CIOs, CFOs, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Excellence Officers
  • Heads of / SVP & VP Global Operations, Global Operational Excellence Leader
  • Heads of Innovation Deployment / Innovation Execution / Value Creation
  • Heads of  / VP of Business Transformation
  • Heads or / VP of Business Excellence.
  • Heads of Business Process Excellence / Process Excellence / Process Engineering
  • Heads of Global Directors of Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement
  • Heads of Customer Experience
  • Heads of Global Business Improvement
  • Heads of Strategy Execution
  • Heads of Change Management
  • VPs of Global Operational Excellence, Global Continuous Improvement, Process Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, Global Production & Logistics, Lean & Six Sigma, Operational Excellence & Productivity, Business Process Management.
  • Business Process Management Champions
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leaders / Champions / Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts
  • Directors of Operations, Process Re-Engineering, Productivity, Supply Chain, BPM, Lean Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Business Excellence, Business Reengineering, Operational Performance Solutions, Performance Excellence, Operational Excellence

Highlights from last year’s event


The best moments of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards, the largest-scale leadership level event in Operational Excellence!

With incredible keynotes from NASA, Google, Toyota and more, attendees had numerous opportunities to engage with the speakers, exhibitors and attendees. We are thrilled to say that  BTOES17, taking place at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando was a full house, and firmly established itself as the largest leadership-level Operational Excellence event in the industry.

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