Program Management software

Simple yet powerful PMO solution to improve alignment and implement a robust governance

Program Management software

Program Management Software

i-nexus provides a comprehensive project, program and portfolio management solution that is specifically designed to support Line of Business Project Management Offices and Enterprise Program Management Offices in larger organizations.

Unlike heavyweight Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools, i-nexus is designed as a pragmatic lightweight business focused PPM solution. i-nexus offers the right balance of ease of use, breadth of capability and adaptability needed by Business Program Offices.


i-nexus Program Management software - Program Dashboard Report

Secure Trust Bank Group
Nikki Tyler, Head of Change
“We researched the market and selected i-nexus to create a central change governance framework in order to support our strategy and growth. This has allowed us to benefit from efficient reporting which provides consistent business information across the Group”

Easily Manage Ideas & Opportunities


Capture, assess, rank and prioritize project ideas

Review and approve proposed opportunity investment

Easily assess relative ROI on ideas with automatic payback/NPV and IRR calculation

Easily engage the right people and resources in evaluating and implementing ideas

i-nexus Program Management software - manage opportunities

Successfully Align Your Programs With Strategy


Link your programs and projects to strategic goals and business KPIs

Translate program deliverables and expected business impact

Set targets for expected business outcomes and track their achievement

i-nexus Program Management software - manage opportunities

Effectively Define Your Programs And Projects


Scope programs, define work breakdown structure (WBS) and sub-projects

Assign resources, plan schedule and set milestones

Leverage project templates and promote best practice replication

Standardize project methodologies and tools

i-nexus Program Management software - define programs and projects

Review Program/Project Execution


Monitor and track progress of all types of activity, task or project in real-time

Leverage electronic workflow for review and approval of project financials, milestones/phases and even individual tasks or deliverables

Easily capture and share execution review comments

Understand underperforming projects with drill down reporting capabilities

i-nexus Program Management software - define programs and projects

Robust Portfolio/Resource Management


Categorize opportunities, ideas or in-flight projects into portfolios

Create portfolio hierarchy and structure to suit your business

Define scenarios and assign projects to analyze cost vs projected impact

Review aggregated demand and adjust portfolio if needed

Instant, real-time review of benefit/impact delivery

i-nexus Program Management software - define programs and projects

Faster Benefit Realization


Easily assess actual and expected financial and non-financial benefits of in-flight projects

Understand the variance between benefits as initially expected/committed and benefits as now expected/forecast

Easily understand if assumptions/logic underpinning your benefit estimates have been independently verified

Maximize project success with the early warning system to course correct when the forecast benefits do not align with your expectations

i-nexus Program Management software - define programs and projects

Lightweight but powerful governance system for your PMO, helps you connect your functional projects to the executive agenda. Maximize success of your projects and incorporate best practices and methodologies with i-nexus