Six Reasons to Choose i-nexus

Discover why global companies choose i-nexus

Six Reasons to Choose i-nexus

i-nexus is the obvious choice for Global 5000 organizations that want to ensure they deliver on their strategic commitments. Only i-nexus…

i-nexus integrated strategy execution software is the only complete solution

Can provide a Complete Strategy Execution Solution

Only i-nexus offers the depth and robustness of capabilities needed to support the complete strategy execution cycle. Whilst there are many tools that can either capture and cascade personal objectives or manage projects and programs or track and report KPIs, only i-nexus brings together the depth and breadth of goal, program and performance management capabilities (in a single fully integrated system) that are needed to manage every stage of the “closed-loop” strategy execution process

Is fully ‘Global 5000’ proven

The clear market leader for Global 5000 organisations, only i-nexus has the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the needs of these large complex organisations. Offering enterprise grade secure hosting (including dedicated hosting options), full internationalisation, unparalleled platform/service level scalability, a fully extensible data model/user interface, a sophisticated security model, comprehensive integration capabilities and the ability to effectively manage large scale data structures/large data volumes, i-nexus is ready to meet the needs of even the most complex global organisations

i-nexus integrated strategy execution software is global 5000 proven. world cloud based strategy execution software for key global organizations
i-nexus strategy execution software can integrate with what you have

Can fully integrate with the tools you already have

i-nexus has uniquely both the depth of capability needed to retire the old tools you no longer wish to use, as well as the comprehensive integration capabilities that mean it can happily complement and co-exist with the existing tools you want to keep. Replace spreadsheets and standalone project management tools with a fully integrated and robust i-nexus option, whilst seamlessly integrating i-nexus with the existing mature PPM tools used in traditionally project intensive functions like IT and R&D

Provides a Strategy Execution Solution that is right for today… and tomorrow

Provides a Strategy Execution Solution that is Right for Today… and Tomorrow. Every large organisation starts from a different place. Even within a large organisation there are many different levels of execution maturity and different national/organisational cultures. To be effectively adopted and used widely a strategy execution tool needs to be able to match the maturity and culture of each operating unit, whilst enabling each unit/function to mature their approach at a speed it can sustain. i-nexus uniquely enables each function/operating unit to start simple and add sophistication as they need it, whilst simultaneously providing a global picture of the progress of the strategy implementation from the perspective of the senior executives

i-nexus integrated strategy execution software is right for today and tomorrow
i-nexus integrated strategy execution software is much more than a great software

Focuses on your Success not just our software

In i-nexus our primary focus is helping our customers to be more successful in executing their strategies. We are the only provider to offer a free Execution Readiness Assessment (ERA) that brings insight into key execution risks and introduces our customers to proven and capable resources that can help them address these execution risks. We are also the only provider that can provide free access to a proven blueprint to build a world class ‘execution’ system, as well as free access to the biggest source of strategy execution best practices and the opportunity to regularly benchmark with a network of over 250 Global 5000 companies

Provides software you already know how to use

Designed by Lean practitioners, i-nexus has a simple and consistent user interface that looks, feels and works like the spreadsheets that it replaces. A very deliberate strategy, this makes i-nexus easy to deploy and easy to learn as the vast majority of users are making a transition from spreadsheets to i-nexus

i-nexus integrated strategy execution software is easy to deploy and use