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Take the heavy lifting out of strategy deployment

i-nexus Strategy Deployment Software

Capture & Cascade

Align & Communicate

Prioritize & Execute

Learn & Adjust

Report with Confidence

i-nexus strategy deployment software makes it easier to deploy and execute strategy by bringing visibility, order and structure while significantly reducing administrative overheads. It is an ideal solution for organizations that are serious about realizing their strategic goals and striving to be more competitive in a complex world.

The #1 software to successfully deploy and execute your strategy

Comprehensive support for Hoshin and other popular strategy execution methods

Easily capture & cascade strategy

  • Capture strategic goals and determine connections;
  • Cascade top goals into the next level, assign responsibilities and implement an effective catchball process;
  • Define KPIs to set targets and measure outputs;
  • Define actions and projects to deliver change;
  • All in an intuitive interactive X-Matrix to guarantee consistency and eliminate the nightmare of multiple spreadsheets.

i-nexus Strategy Deployment
Effectively align and communicate your strategy with i-nexus

Effectively align & communicate

  • Establish clear communication of the company strategy and actions;
  • Help employees understand how their actions contribute to the company goals;
  • Identify gaps in your strategic plan;
  • Easily align ideas and innovation with strategic objectives.

Successfully identify, prioritise & execute strategic actions

  • Brainstorm and capture the ideas of how to deliver objectives;
  • Prioritize your portfolio of ideas and in-flight actions;
  • Build projects from best practice templates – any methodology;
  • Automatically track progress and highlight off-track projects;
  • Provide complete transparency on project portfolio status and get real-time feedback on financial and non-financial results;
  • Provide early diagnosis of projects which are unlikely to yield required benefits and implement course corrections.

Successfully identify, prioritise & execute strategic actions
Learn, adjust and react to changing business environment

Learn, adjust and react quickly to ever changing business environment

  • Understand if strategic assumptions are playing out & initiate necessary course corrections as required;
  • Get instant feedback on real-time progress towards the achievement of your goals;
  • Learn & improve the planning process through root cause corrective actions;
  • Accelerate decision making with powerful automated reporting;
  • Easily create and link to the next year’s plan in parallel;
  • Access a knowledge library from completed projects and enable replication of best practices.

Report with confidence

  • Save your time and effort with automated, personalized, scheduled reporting and data aggregation;
  • Support the monthly operating reviews with standard report library or custom reports to suit your needs;
  • Easily understand underperforming actions with drill down reporting;
  • Plug in your existing BI tools to enhance your performance data.

Report with confidence
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Powering strategy execution in the world's largest organizations

Organizations around the globe consistently achieve more of their strategic goals with i-nexus

A single solution to drive multiple strategy execution methods

A single solution to drive multiple strategy execution methods

Goal management? Check. Program Management? Check. Performance Management? Check. i-nexus offers the depth and richness of capabilities needed to support the complete strategy execution cycle.

Scalable solution

Scalable solution

Every large organization starts from a different place. Even within a large organization there are many different levels of execution maturity and different organizational culture. i-nexus flexibility covers every need – start simple and add sophistication when you need it.

Enterprise-grade security compliance

Enterprise-grade security compliance

As a leading Saas provider, security is of the paramount importance to us. As such, we have a long history of secure testing, design and auditing of our software and processes. ISO/IEC 27001:2005 compliant, we provide a best in class and confidential service.

Integrates with tools you already use

Integrates with tools you already use

i-nexus comprehensive integration modules link your strategy to your existing business systems and data. It seamlessly integrates with 250+ BI, HR, ERP and PPM tools.

Global 5000 proven

Global 5000 proven

The flexibility, scalability and best in class security makes i-nexus a trusted partner of the Global 5000 companies. We are always ready to meet the needs of the most complex global organizations.

Software you already familiar with

Software you already familiar with

Designed by Lean practitioners, i-nexus has a simple and consistent user interface that looks like the spreadsheets that it replaces. This makes it easy to deploy and easy to use.

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