Providing central tracking, visibility and structure for programs and projects

Success story

Providing central tracking, visibility and structure for programs and projects


Textile rental service


London, UK


Initiative Management

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Berendsen is a focused European textile, hygiene and safety solutions business, with leading positions in most of the countries in which they operate. The company employs 15,000 employees across 16 countries throughout Europe.

Berendsen have grown significantly through acquisitions meaning many management systems and processes needed to be aligned. With Lean Six Sigma Projects in progress in every site and an ambitious £450M Capital Investment Programme to be kicked-off the Executive Team needed a governance framework to establish visibility, standardisation and project control across the entire business.


Berendsen ran over 200 projects across 16 countries and had no formal standardisation and record for Continuous Improvement Projects.
They aimed to establish increased project control, enhanced visibility into the progress of their projects and standard reporting discipline. The company leadership was looking for a robust governance system to support the delivery of expected project benefits.


i-nexus initiative management software was chosen to utilise its ability to support Project Management processes and promote visibility and execution discipline across the organisation.
i-nexus provides unique capabilities of integrating strategy deployment, metrics and project/program management into one system. Following the successful Lean Projects implementation Berendsen expanded their use of i-nexus to support management of CAPEX programs, and is looking to integrate Strategy Deployment and linking their CI and CAPEX projects to strategy.

  • Single version of the truth by ensuring all projects, programmes and process improvements can be managed in one scalable governance system; 
  •  Able to see and share Project performance information in real time to accelerate decision making and enable rapid focus on issues; 
  •  Effective project progress tracking including financial expenditure and benefits; 
  •  Help enforcing the Project Management discipline and adoption of project standardisation across the organisation, including standard reporting. 

“I enjoy the professional and responsive support we have received during implementation and beyond. The whole team are really excited about the functionality of i-nexus and how it’s going to help simplify our processes..."
- Andrea Vecchi, Group PMO Manager