Forcing Hard choices through breakthrough thinking and catchball

Forcing Hard Choices – Integrated Strategy Execution series – p5

Forcing Hard Choices Through Breakthrough & Catchball Thinking

Welcome to the fifth instalment in the Integrated Strategy Execution video series exploring why you need an integrated “system” approach to strategy execution and how you can build this system in your organisation. As we discussed in earlier videos, successful strategy execution requires you to simultaneously “run and improve” the existing business whilst “transforming” it to meet future needs.

In this episode we will be focusing on forcing hard choices and how to successfully implement the breakthroughs that will help us to succeed as the world changes around us. The reality is that systematically identifying and achieving the breakthroughs that will help us transform our operations is really difficult. There are many forces working against us…

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Paul Docherty
    Founder of i-nexus, the leader in cloud-based software for strategy execution. Respected thought leader, adviser and co-architect of the Strategy Execution 2.0 "Business System" that is rapidly becoming the de facto blueprint for how large organizations successfully deploy and execute their strategic objectives.

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    Oct 10, 2017 at 6:32 PM


    I’m a fairly seasoned continuous improvement person, but like most folks, have lots to learn. My biggest hole is in Hoshin and I’m trying to do some self educatoin. I really enjoyed watching P5 – how best to view P1 – P4?

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