How to get more from EFQM or Baldrige

How do you get more from EFQM or Baldrige?

How to get more from EFQM or Baldrige

In this short video the presenter will be talking about how you can get more out of implementing EFQM, Baldrige framework or Canadian excellence model, or any other performance excellence frameworks. The hypothesis presented here is that many organizations adopt these excellence ideas with the intention to improve their performance and results. However a large proportion of them end up spending all their energy doing only assessments and competing for awards.

Find out how you can get more business results from these performance excellence concepts by combining them with other key tools such as Hoshin Planning to create a powerful and result oriented management system.


Paul Docherty
    Founder of i-nexus, the leader in cloud-based software for strategy execution. Respected thought leader, adviser and co-architect of the Strategy Execution 2.0 "Business System" that is rapidly becoming the de facto blueprint for how large organizations successfully deploy and execute their strategic objectives.

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