State of readiness and operational excellence

State of Readiness and Operational Excellence – Thought Leader Interview

Welcome to our third instalment of the Thought Leader Interview series in which we interview Joseph Paris. Joseph is a keynote speaker, writer and consultant in Operational Excellence who shares his insights on the State of Readiness in Operational Excellence and how organizations can build up execution capabilities, accelerate their decision making and stay competitive in the challenging business world.

Points discussed in this interview:

  1. State of Readiness – what is it and why is it important for operational excellence ?
  2. What are the key foundation steps of achieving the State of Readiness?
  3. What are the typical obstacles that organisations face in their journey toward State of Readiness?
  4. Recommendations on how to get executive leadership to support improvement initiatives?
  5. If I want my organization to become a high performer – where do I start?

To learn more about the concept of State of Readiness, visit Joseph Paris’ State of Readiness book website.


Paul Docherty
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