Wabtec Corporation Strategy Deployment process

Wabtec Strategy Deployment Process

This is an overview of the Strategy Deployment process at Wabtec Corporation. This presentation was delivered on 21st March 2017 at the Strategy Execution Consortium in Jacksonville, Florida.

Points discussed in the presentation:

  1. Explanation how the Strategic Plan is implemented within Wabtec;
  2. Illustration of the guidelines and templates to initiative planning;
  3. Application of tools and techniques to execute the process;
  4. Challenges.

Wabtec Corporation, resulting from the combination of Wabtec and Faiveley Transport, is one of the world’s largest public rail equipment companies with a presence in all key freight rail and passenger transit geographies worldwide.

Wabtec Strategy Deployment process – presentation

Strategy Deployment tools and techniques used by one of the world’s largest public rail equipment companies

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