which belt are you

Which Belt you want to be?

Which Belt you want to be: Textbooks and training may fool you

Are you the Black Belt that follows the DMAIIC method strictly, but sometimes you have to PUSH very hard with the team to obtain results? Or maybe you are the Lean Sensei that always starts from the value chain in order to develop a PULL for improvement? Do you recognize sparks of organizational dynamics that are deeply rooted, and you can USE THE FORCE to obtain results in an effortless way?


Which cat you want to be?

Which cat are you?


An ancient Buddhist story is about cats. The great temple is suffering from rats.

The cat of the great temple is young and strong. He is respected for his rat-killing skills. Any rat showing in the temple will be chased and killed eventually.

But the old temple, deeper in the woods, is protected by a senior cat. This cat is still strong, but he seldom has to kill a rat. At his temple, rats are hardly ever seen, because rats know the dangers of entering the temple.

Yet, there are whispers about an ancient ruin of a temple which only few ever visited. It is said the cat of that temple became vegetarian and never killed a rat anymore. Nevertheless his reputation is so strong that rats do not even enter the area, let alone the temple itself. The cat learned how to reach his goal of a rat-free temple from his teacher. He was skilled in nonviolent fighting.

Each of us has experiences that seem contradictory with textbook knowledge. Like fantastic presentations that break all rules. Or breakthrough changes without a formal project. Also we have experiences where hard work as a Belt remains without sustainable impact. In spite of all Minitab, management support, and team-engagement.

Some cats hit the stick when you tease them. I once had a cat, which hit your hand when you teased her. A friend told me about the family cat, who used to aim at your nose when being teased…

Leo Monhemius
    Vitalizing struggling Lean Six Sigma programmes is what I do. Or starting from scratch! My challenge is simplifying methods to the minimum, thus only keeping the essential. Many projects require a simple tweak to bring success. Apart from academic knowledge and balanced approach, many programs just need raw energy as well. The new training facility in Zuilichem provides an inspiring accommodation for training or reflection sessions. Specialties: The handouts and course material is all full written text (not powerpoint!) and Dutch text. A specialty are the many hands on training tricks, of which the "paper factory" is the most extended one. This factory enables the training of the organisational development of a group, using sequential simulation runs of table top process industry. http://www.dutchsixsigma.nl

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