Why should strategy execution be your #1 focus in 2019? [webinar]

An interactive webinar packed with tips and best practice to help you excel at strategy execution in 2019


90% of strategies fail, so what do the 10% get right?

What is strategy execution? Why is it so difficult? Why do so many companies fail? What are the benefits of getting it right? What's more, why is strategy execution a proven tool to improve your career prospects and increase shareholder value?

Join Strategic expert Anne Docherty as she shares her 20+ of experience as an operational excellence practitioner in an interactive, insights-fueled, outcome driven live-stream on why strategy execution should be your #1 focus for 2019.

What you’ll learn about the importance of strategy execution

This workshop is designed to ask the questions that are on the tip of your tongue, and give you the tools to out-execute your rivals, all the while staying one-step ahead of the game when it comes to the trends that will define success beyond 2019.

You’ll leave the webinar able to:

  • Identify the reasons for a surge in organizational awareness of the power of consistently achieving transformational goals;
  • Put to use the very best methodologies and tools for strategy execution, as adopted by the Fortune 500;
  • Make yourself infinitely more valuable as a leader in your organization AND positively improve your career prospects.

Spaces are limited, so don’t delay in taking your place in the webinar that will guide your strategy’s 2019 and well into the future. And remember, the truth behind success is 1% ideas, 99% execution.

Take the first step towards excellent execution…


About the host

Anne Docherty

Anne Docherty

Strategy Execution Solution Director

As Solutions Director for i-nexus, Anne brings over twenty years of experience as an operational excellence practitioner. Before joining i-nexus, she led the deployment of operational excellence in a division of Aon Hewitt having previously led operational teams and coached improvement projects in multiple organisations including Marconi, Alcan and Network Rail.

More recently Anne has led the research agenda of the Strategy Execution Consortium, the leading Strategy Execution benchmarking group for Global 5000 organisations, helping to develop a body of knowledge around Strategy Execution best practices.