Free strategy execution best practice webinar

A 40 minute session that’ll transform your strategic success,
no matter the challenges


Success factors change, but does your strategy?

90% of organizations fail to execute their strategy.

But why?

Is it the assessment of your internal and external factors? Are the cultural barriers seemingly insurmountable? Or is it the technology?

Strategic expert Nigel Richardson is sharing his experience in strategy execution, transformation and continuous improvement across multiple global companies, including retail, aviation and pharma, in this exclusive 40 minute webinar on strategy execution.

What you’ll learn about strategic execution

Get to the heart of your strategy execution problems and witness best practice first hand, along with the methods and tools to help with your strategy deployment and success.

You’ll leave the webinar able to:

  • Identify the current challenges with executing strategy and trends in strategy execution software;
  • Apply common strategy execution methods, tools, principles and process to help you to succeed from strategic development through to strategic success;
  • Assess your maturity for strategy execution and build the case for a software solution that achieves executive buy in.

What’s more, you’ll get first hand strategic planning and execution examples from two companies thriving through using a strategy execution platform.

And to close things off Nigel will show you how the i-nexus strategy execution software can solve your strategic challenges!


About the host

Nigel Richardson

Nigel Richardson

Presales Director

Nigel has a proven track record of leadership within fluid commercial and operational environments. He establishes excellent customer and stakeholder relationships at all levels, balancing a passion for excellence with recognition of commercial and operational realities.

Industry Experience: Online Retail, BPO, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Brand & Revenue Protection, IT supply chain.